UK PBS Sponsorship License Visa


Under the current system, migrants will need to pass a points-based assessment before they are given permission to enter or remain in the United Kingdom. This system consists of five tiers, each with different points requirements.


The UK PBS sponsor license. It's like being asked to be someone's prom date - except instead of a corsage, you get a visa. But in all seriousness, the sponsor license is a valuable tool for UK companies looking to hire skilled workers from both overseas and within the UK. By obtaining a sponsor license, companies can bring in talented employees who will help grow their business and contribute to the economy. And for those applicants who are already in the UK under a different visa, the Skilled Worker visa allows for an easy "switch" to continue working in the country.

Highly skilled workers
Youth mobility and temporary workers.
Skilled workers with a job offer

UK PBS Sponsorship License Visa

Benefits Of Residency

  • Certificate of Sponsorship must match the details in passport
  • Assigned by sponsor within three months of application date
  • Must not be withdrawn by sponsor or Home Office (UKVI)
  • Expires if unused for three months after assignment

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