Australia Spouse Visa


Australia Partner Visa category is for married couples or couples in a de facto relationship where one of the partner’s is an Australian citizen. The foreign partner can now join their Australian partner and cohabit with them in Australia. One must look into the rules governing the process to ensure a successful outcome

Australia Spouse/Partner Visa (Subclass 820)

Are you dreaming of snuggling up with your loved one during chilly nights in Australia? Let Global Migrate make it a reality with our partner visa services. Whether you're looking to start a new life together or simply tired of those long-distance calls, our team of experts can guide you through the process and ensure you meet all the requirements. Once approved, you and your partner can live, work, and study in Australia, with the option to apply for citizenship in the future. Say goodbye to lonely nights and hello to a bright future with your partner by your side, thanks to Global Migrate's partner visa services for subclass 820!

Temporary Visa
Pathway to Permanent Partner Visa
Must apply in Australia
Eligible New Zealand Citizen

Australia Spouse Visa

Benefits of an Australian Partner Visa

  • Stay in Australia with your spouse until a decision is made on your permanent residency application
  • Work in Australia without any restrictions
  • Study in Australia, although you won't be eligible for government funding
  • Access Australia's healthcare system, including medical benefits and hospital care


The temporary partner visa (subclass 820) is for the person who is outside Australia at the hour of utilization. The visa can be changed to permanent residency through visa subclass 801.


The permanent partner visa (subclass 801) can be applied by the people who lived in Australia on a temporary partner visa (subclass 820) for at least two years.


The prospective marriage visa (subclass 300), otherwise called the Fiance visa, is a non-immigrant temporary visa that empowers candidates to reside in Australia for quite some time. The visa is for the people who are engaged in to an Australian resident, Australian PR, or a qualified New Zealand resident. The visa additionally permits you to marry your spouse in Australia. Later on, the visa can be moved up to a temporary partner visa for example subclass 820 visa.

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