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At Global Migrate, we don't just have a shelf full of trophies (although that would be cool). We're proud to rock some serious accreditations that give you peace of mind and make us the ultimate immigration superheroes. Check out our impressive lineup:

The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC)

We're registered with the OISC, the authority that keeps a watchful eye on immigration advisers. Think of them as the protectors of fairness and awesomeness in the immigration world. With this accreditation, you can trust us to handle all your UK visa and immigration applications like the pros we are.

Mara Migration Agents Registered Authority

We've got the golden stamp of approval from Mara Migration Agents. They're the big shots in migration law and education, and being accredited by them is like getting a high-five from the coolest kids in school. Rest assured, our advice is top-notch and our professionalism is off the charts.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)

Oh, Canada! We've teamed up with an ICCRC-approved Consultant who knows the ins and outs of Canada's Express Entry system. They're like the secret agents of immigration, equipped with the knowledge to navigate the Federal Skilled Worker applications. We'll help you achieve that coveted permanent residence status with ease!

National Health Service (NHS)

Hold on to your stethoscopes because we've got exciting news. We've partnered with the almighty NHS to provide recruitment services for healthcare professionals. Yes, we're talking about nurses saving lives and making a difference. Our team of recruitment consultants will match your skills and aspirations with the perfect healthcare role within the NHS. It's a match made in medical heaven.

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