UAE Golden Visa

UAE Golden Visa

Unlock a decade of residency with the UAE Golden Visa – a gateway to privileged living through property investment in Dubai.

UAE Golden Visa

Experience the allure of a 10-year residency with the UAE Golden Visa by investing in Dubai's property market. This exclusive opportunity beckons global investors, providing a secure pathway to explore business prospects in the thriving economy of the UAE.


  • 10-year UAE Golden Visa for property investors
  • Minimum property investment of AED 2 million
  • Flexibility for multiple property holdings
  • Mortgage options available with a minimum payment requirement
  • Inclusion of spouses for joint property investments
  • Evaluation certificate for title deeds exceeding AED 2 million
  • Extended stay flexibility, surpassing typical visa restrictions

Visa Application Process:

Navigating the Golden Visa application involves securing a property worth AED 2 million or more. Mortgaged properties require a minimum payment, accompanied by a NOC letter. Joint property holdings, especially between spouses, are facilitated, ensuring a smooth application process.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Beyond personal benefits, the 10-year investor Visa allows sponsorship for family, children, housemaids, and drivers. This unique provision fosters a sense of community and family reunification, enhancing the appeal of the UAE Golden Visa.

Safety and Security in Dubai:

Dubai's reputation for safety is a significant draw. The 10-year investor Visa not only provides extended stays abroad but also ensures a secure environment. Those violating laws face visa revocation and deportation, contributing to the overall safety of residents and investors.

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Collaborative Partnership with GMD Properties:

Embark on your journey to the UAE Golden Visa with the added advantage of a seamless property acquisition process. Our collaboration with GMD Properties ensures that you not only secure a 10-year residency but also find your dream home effortlessly. GMD Properties is dedicated to delivering exceptional service, offering personalized attention, and leveraging extensive knowledge of the local real estate market. With this collaboration, everything you need—from visa acquisition to property fulfillment—is conveniently under one roof. Discover the perfect synergy of residency and real estate with our exclusive partnership.

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